With these tools, you can change basic parameters for preset-layer, selected in the active composition.


Motion Blur Switch – enables or disables Motion Blur of transition.
This option is applicable to transitions created on the basis of the Transform effect, such as: Pan, Zoom, Spin.


Random Seed – change value in the parameter “Random Seed” . Thus, every click will generate a new unique transition.

All transition sets that use this option are marked with the “Seed” icon.


Flip Edges – change tiling repeat mode at image edges.
This option is applicable to transitions that use the tiling effect.


Flip Motion – mirror motion and all graphic elements of transitions.


 Alpha Channel Switch – enables or disables modification of alpha channel

  Reset Preset – reset all changes for selected preset-layer

  Clean Project – remove all unused presets from your project. Thus you can considerably reduce the size of your AEP-file.

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