Presets with a Mask or presets from the Makeup category do not work

If you use AE Face Tools in After Effects CC 2018, then, unfortunately, some presets do not work correctly in this version. In this case, please upgrade your version of After Effects to the current one.

How to apply presets to multiple faces on the same footage

For each face, you need to make tracking on a separate layer.
For example, if you have two faces in a footage, do the following:

1 Make tracking for a first face and apply a preset to it.

2 Duplicate the face footage layer and delete all the data from the previous tracking, including the mask and the marker “Rest Pose” from it.

3 Make tracking for a second face.

4 Make sure you select the second face footage layer and then apply a preset to it.

Error: For this preset, you need to select the layer with tracked face

Make sure that you have completed all the necessary steps for face tracking in After Effects.
You can find step-by-step guide in the Motion Bro section: Packs > AE Face Tools > HOW-TO-USE

The most common mistake is that the user skipped Step 6: Set Rest Pose > Extract & Copy Face Measurements

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